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Welcome to Denabyte I.T. Solutions

Are you tired of having to search for different service providers to fulfill your I.T. needs? Denabyte I.T. Solutions has a variety of professional staff that allows us to provide as many I.T. services as possible to save you the hassle of searching for different service providers.

Whether it’s a small business or a corporation, we create solutions to your I.T. problems. While most of our services are provided to businesses, we also offer services for personal computers and/or laptops. No service is too small.

Our goal is to provide everyone with network stability and help streamline their workflow with our custom software development services.

Our Mission

To provide superior quality technical and software services while sharing knowledge, and providing you with a smooth workflow.


Who is Denabyte?

Denabyte I.T. Solutions has been servicing Pasadena, South Houston and other Houston areas for over 10 years. Our reliable and outstanding services has allowed us to gain a wider range of long-term colleagues throughout the U.S. as well.

We pride ourselves in using our business to implement solutions that benefit our neighbors nationwide. Denabyte employees work hard every day to meet realistic deadlines with the upmost quality.

Allow your business to become one of Denabyte’s colleagues. It will be the best business relationship you will have.


Explore Our Service Options

Denabyte offers a variety of services. If you are in search of a service we currently don’t provide, we try to help you find the service needed that better fits your needs. Denabyte has highly recommended colleagues that may be of assistance. Denabyte adapts to any type of business structure. After observing your current business flow, we immediately begin putting together a service plan that will fit your I.T. needs.

Software Development

Denabyte I.T Solutions specializes in developing custom applications and/or software that best fits your business.

Network Administration

Opening a new business or expanding an existing one? Denabyte I.T. Solutions can do your network installation/expansion; whether you have a couple computers or even hundreds. We also offer server installation and maintenance.

Graphic Design

From a single-page informational website to a multi-page interactive website, Denabyte I.T. Solutions can design a memorable website and/or logo for your business.

Computer Repair

Denabyte I.T. Solutions offers a variety of repair services for your computer(s) and/or laptop(s). Whether its a virus scan or a hardware replacement, we will treat it with the same importance. Services are available remotely and on-site.

Data Backups

We understand that keeping your data save and having a contingency plan is important for every business. This is why we offer database backups to assist you in restoring your business after a disaster or power loss.

Phone Service Installation and Maintenance

Denabyte I.T. Solutions can help you kick start your customer service deparment by setting the phone services for your business.

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We adapt to any type of business structure. After observing your current business flow, we immediately begin putting together a service plan that will fit your I.T. needs. We have customizable monthly premiums as well as yearly premiums. Don’t think you’ll need much I.T. help? We also offer hourly rates that allow you to use our services as needed.

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